Extra Innings

As many of you know, we had planned to permanently shut down at the end of last year after operating the art center for 30 great years. The City of Woodstock has an extensive interior renovation planned for the building and we thought it would be a good time to find a new location that had everything we could ever want in an art center: gallery space, studio space, teaching space, and more.

But, in December, as we were preparing to pack up, the city let us know that the planned renovation would not start until at least August of 2021, and they would hate to see the building closed for the next 8 months. Would we consider staying a little longer?

After discussing it with some of the artists and another art group, we decided we'd stay through summer. It would give us a chance to run Women's Works and Real People one more time here. We're keeping our fingers crossed that enough folks in Illinois will be vaccinated that we can go back to our big receptions. In May, the Isacson's will be back for another of their shows. For February, March and April, we have solo exhibits of local Woodstock artists.

There are a couple of major changes as well: Across the halls on the north side, a dozen artists of the Clayworkers Guild of Illinois have set up a ceramics store. They are testing the waters for opening up a permanent ceramics store somewhere - so come out and buy lots of things from them. We need more small arts businesses! (See below for details.)

On the south side, you'll notice our Consignment Gallery is gone - we've converted it to more gallery space (and a little extra storage space). We had started returning items back in September and by the time the City suggested we stay, we had almost completed that process.

Life Drawing has restarted as well, on Wednesday afternoons and some Saturdays. Check in with Ian Morrison on Meet Up or contact us for more info.

The hours for both sides have changed as well: until May, when the Farmers' Market restarts, we'll be open only Friday to Sunday from 11am-5pm.

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